White Tall Square Candle inlaid Aqua Aura Crystal Cluster that illuminates when lit!

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Crystal Candle~ White Tall Square Scented Candle w/ an inlaid Aqua Aura Blue Quartz Crystal Cluster that illuminates when lit!

This hand-poured crystal cluster candle is made with love in LA from the finest quality, locally sourced wax.

Each hand selected crystal/gemstone has been cleansed and charged.

• Individually handcrafted
• Infused with essential oils
• Lead free, cotton wicks
• Long lasting (200 hours) and clean burning

Colors: White
Scent: Sage
Size: 6.5" x 3.5" 1.8 lbs


Sacred Truth: Connection with spirit realms
Stone: Aqua Aura Blue Quartz
Affirmation: "I create an aura of peace and attract abundance and healing protection"

May our Crystal Candles light your path well ~